Sermon Notes: Luke 12:35-46

Luke 12:35-48 – Rod Blackburn


Our God Saves – Paul Baloche
Sanctuary – I have no clue, it’s kind of old
Majesty – Delirious?
Revelation Song – Kari Jobe

We’re going to make this one snappy, since this passage can be summed up pretty quickly. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of good stuff in there. In fact, go read it yourself and click on that fancy-schmancy link up at the top of the post. I just won’t say much.

Here’s the skinny: Jesus has told us that He will come back. It could be any time. How does my life reflect that? To constantly engage in meaningless activities that I will ultimately regret when I get to heaven is a horrible waste of time. Unfortunately, I’m far too often guilty of this. From endless hours in front of a computer screen to just sitting on my bed and doing nothing, I am a master of laziness. At least I can be. I’m making an effort to change that.

There you go. Super short, and hopefully super sweet.

Fact of life: locking your guitar in an office at church is a bad idea when nobody at church has a key to said office. Especially when you’re supposed to lead worship that night. Oops.

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