About #2- The Authors Write About Each Other

Anna Writes About Jeremiah

Jeremiah is seriously one of my most favoritest people ever. Yeah. Favoritest. It’s a word. Don’t argue, because I’m trying to continue with my story. We met at church, what, 6 years ago now? Geez, I feel so old! But we’ve pretty much been best friends ever since. He’s like my twin that was born 6 days late and then got adopted so we didn’t actually meet until we were like 11. That totally made sense in my head.

After reading his “About Jeremiah” autobiography, I feel that there are some things that could be corrected. There is music that he honestly dislikes.  It’s called teenage girl music. You know what I’m talking about. That sappy pop music from hormonally deranged teen guys who prey on hormonally deranged teenage girls. Think Justin Bieber. And Dashboard Confessional. But then, if you were to ask him, he wouldn’t say that’s music at all.

Something we have in common is that we’ve both been homeschooled. That’s why our writing is totally epic. It’s also part of why Jeremiah and I are such good friends. When we met, both of us were homeschooled, which allowed us to hang out pretty much all the time. It was probably a little unhealthy. It also explains why we’re a little nerdy. Don’t judge. Yes, bowling was counted as P.E. credits. My highest score of the year was 93. Needless to say, he can totally kick my butt there.

I must also tell you that Jeremiah is an excellent writer of both poetry and prose. His strength lies primarily in poetry, which I greatly admire. He would never admit it, but the poems he’s written would totally make my pitiful excuses for “free verse” hide their faces in shame. Seriously. He’s a much better writer than he would ever give himself credit for. You should hear this guy’s music, too. It’s amazing. Bottom line, I’m glad to say I know him now, because he’s probably going to be the next…*insert name of SUPERFAMOUS musician*

Also worth noting is that Jeremiah is probably one of my strongest Christian influences. For some reason I tend to hang out with some jacked up people, and as a result, become aware of some jacked up situations. Jacked up situations are generally not fun, so a lot of times I slip into a depression over it. Who’s the person who encourages me in the Lord during such situations? Jeremiah. Duh. Oddly enough (it’s strange to me because it’s the first time I’ve really realized it) Jeremiah is the one who keeps me in line most of the time. Especially when there’s drama afoot. I don’t understand how he can be so drama-free, really, but I definitely admire that in him. He’s completely chill, and he keeps a level head when I need it the most.

Jeremiah Writes About Anna

As you’ve already read, Anna and I have known each other for about six years now. She is basically the twin sister that I never had. Except we were born six days apart, so sharing a mother would have been a problem, to say the least. Yeah that’s not awkward at all. I don’t have any embarrassing stories to tell about her (Actually, that’s not quite true, but I’ll spare her the agony. You’re welcome, Anna.), so I’ll keep this pretty simple.

Basically, Anna is my bestest friend ever. (If she can make up words, I can too!) She and I share very similar tastes in a lot of things. The only noteworthy exceptions are soccer (which I’m working on), and Helvetica (hey, we can’t all be perfect). She would also point out that I used to hate cats, but that has since been corrected. Melodramatic letters work wonders when it comes to such matters. Of course, taste obviously isn’t everything. She’s just an awesome person in general.

Now, like she said, Anna seems to attract drama everywhere she goes. I think she looks for it. Which is odd, because, frankly, she can’t stand drama. For some reason, though, she continues to make friends with messed up people (but is *usually* a positive influence on them). Please understand, I mean this in the very best way possible. When she sees someone in need, she can’t keep herself from lending a hand. Remember, Jesus didn’t come to be in a clique with the righteous, he came to save the rest of us. Sometimes I wonder whether we have it backwards today.

Lastly, Anna is a very gifted writer, and I look up to her. She claims that my prose is on par with hers, but I’m not so sure. The reality is, my writing would not be anywhere near what it is now if I didn’t know Anna. My prose is basically a cheap copy of hers, but hey, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Or something like that. So if she doesn’t sound as amazing as she’s made me out to be, it’s because I’m not as good as making people look good as she is (another one of her strengths).

And since I like abrupt endings, here’s another one. Ha.


4 thoughts on “About #2- The Authors Write About Each Other

  1. savedbygrace says:

    Jeremiah can you post some of your music? 🙂

    • Jeremiah says:

      I’ve posted two videos in the past, which you can see if you scroll down and click on the Music tag 🙂

      I’m currently working on a bunch more music right now (those vids are kinda old), but it probably won’t be performance-ready until the winter-ish.

      Of course that’s my classical music world, I also lead worship at church. Unfortunately that music doesn’t get recorded so I can’t share it 😦

      I hope you enjoy the videos that are here!

      • savedbygrace says:

        get out of here! you play tshe cello? nice!

        I play the violin too. Granpa taught me the basics when I was 7
        didn’t really get formal schooling, so now I am self taught.

        sometime ago i’ve watched on history channel about child prodigies
        alex prior, simone porter, nathan chan and michael province. ..

        nathan chan plays the cello. I love the way he communicates his soul with the cello


        i am planning to record (for personal use) hymns for the blogsite.
        not for really commercial, but just to share music.

        i’ve arranged for cello and violins some known hymns. well, the arrangements are on my head for now.. LoL. if I got time for piecing it together, i’d write it on paper.

        glad to have visited your site 🙂

        keep connected

        – grace and peace

      • savedbygrace says:

        thank you for sharing the video. i’ve watch it

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